Working with us

Gazprom Neft today is a dynamic, rapidly developing vertically integrated oil company, and a leader in its field.

More than 60,000 people work at the company’s various enterprises throughout 24 of Russia’s regions, the CIS Commonwealth of Independent States – former republics of the USSR, except Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia and Estonia Перейти к словарю and abroad.

What does it mean to work in our company?

It means always STRIVING FOR MORE:

— The chance to get involved in major national and international projects

Gazprom Neft implements major projects in oil production and refining worldwide. Our professional secondments program means colleagues can gain experience at international companies anywhere in the world.

— Professional growth and development

Gazprom Neft is one of Russia’s most dynamic vertically integrated companies, and one of the fastest-growing. It is one of the top five players in the Russian market, and is the market leader in terms of its growth in production, refining, and the production of light petroleum products. Industry commentators point to the company’s effectiveness in all areas of activity: and Gazprom Neft employees have the opportunity to secure their own professional growth concurrently with the growth of the company.

— Confidence in your future

The company has in place a long-term development strategy to 2025, encompassing all areas of activity and envisaging the continued rapid development of Gazprom Neft.

— Pride in the company you work for

Gazprom Neft’s development is closely tied to a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility in those areas in which it operates, with the company implementing various sport and infrastructure projects throughout Russia. Every employee has the opportunity to take part in the social and community life of their own locality, by becoming a volunteer through the company.

— Achieving success as part of a strong team

Our corporate culture is based on mutual respect and trust. Every employee has the opportunity to fully express his or herself, and to make their own unique contribution to the development of the company.

We welcome new talent — because we believe that together we achieve more